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What size marquee do I need?

Firstly you should decide on the approximate numbers of people for you event, (say 100 or 150 people), and then choose the marquee you need. You must then add on extra space for dance floors, entrance/reception areas, bar area, DJ area etc. Remember, if you have the room you should always have a slightly larger area than you think you need because one you to put in extra equipment you loose space very quickly. There’s nothing worse than a cramped marquee. Also your caterers require space to work and prepare food so you also have to allow for a catering tent.

The contemporary style of the Clear Span Marquee with its aluminium frame structure can be installed on a variety of surfaces and without the need for poles or guy ropes, offers more versatility in compact areas. Whether the site is grass, concrete, tennis court or gravel, we have the ability to erect a marquee on it.


Carpets provide an ideal surface for every marquee and help to provide a safe, comfortable environment for your guests. Stock colours cater for most applications but we can offer alternate colours to co-ordinate with your chosen colour scheme.


The tables we offer are 4ft diameter that seat 6-8 people, and trestle tables for the top table and buffet. Seating is either bistro chairs, or gold banquet chairs with a wide choice of colour seat pads.


Marquee ideaz offer pure elegance via a variety of beautiful linings and interiors to suit your personal taste.  Linings are available in selected colours and designs to provide that luxurious finish for your special event.

The addition of a Starcloth Ceiling to the marquee, whether it be to the entire roof of the structure or just above the dancefloor area, can only add to the party atmosphere making it a truly memorable experience!


Lighting, both to the interior and exterior, plays a very important part when dressing the marquee and plays a critical part in creating the right ambience for the event.

Chandeliers give a certain timeless elegance for dining and by combining these with Uplighters, the atmosphere within the marquee can be effortlessly changed from formal to informal. Uplighters can provide a natural white light or be given a coloured gel to complement and enhance your chosen colour scheme.

 Keeping warm

There is no need to let the seasons limit your scope for entertaining as Indirect Heating is now available for marquees, making them an all year round venue.

Heaters sit neatly inside the marquee throughout and blow warm air. They are thermostatically controlled for your convenience and only require a 13amp power supply.


Generators to provide power for lighting, caterers, Discos, Bands, etc are available on request. All sets are delivered with distribution boards, cabling and are diesel fuelled. Each event is power rated and the generator sized accordingly, taking into account the electric requirements from all suppliers.

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